Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst Grades State Educational Systems Again

And once again, I give it a big F. Yes, StudentsFirst, the education ‘reform’ outfit run by Michelle Rhee, has released its annual report grading state educational systems.

It’s no different from last year’s report, which was equally absurd.

Massachusetts, which has one of the best educational systems on the planet, still is graded as a D+.

Pretty good for a D+ system.

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2 Responses to Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst Grades State Educational Systems Again

  1. albanaeon says:

    Like we care about results, Mike. What are ya? Some sort of liberal hippy commie fascist? /sarcasm

    In a similar vein, I heard the Heritage Foundation’s economic freedom report came out and was practically similar. Guess its easier to grade on supposed adherence to ideology than something hard like what actually happens.

  2. noddin0ff says:

    Louisianna #1: Proficiency 21-26% = B-
    Montana #50 : Proficiency 35-45% = F
    Massachusetts #21: Proficiency 47-58% = D+

    Stating the obvious. StudentsFirst is not interested in meaningfully quantifying either the quality of education and performance of students.

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