Links 1/21/14

Links for you. Science:

The $1,000 Genome Arrives — For Real, This Time
The Canadian War on Science: A chronological account of chaos and consolidation at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries (my contribution is here)
Massachusetts Announces $50 Million To Ready Communities For Climate-Driven Storms
Illumina’s New NGS Platforms
Why I study obscure and strange little animals


The Internet Service Providers’ Triumph
A Toast Story
The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly
A Reporter Said “Screw the Pooch” on Face the Nation. Where Does That Phrase Come From?
GOP constituents want jobless aid renewed (because people have to like this crap)
How Do These Things Happen
Dazed and Confused: Matt Yglesias on the Job Guarantee
The Iran Vote: This Really Matters, and You Should Let Your Senators Know
The most (and least) realistic movie psychopaths ever
How Times columnist Bill Keller aids Sarah Palin’s “death panel” smear: NYT’s Bill Keller thinks he’s enlightened for endorsing palliative care. Here’s how he’s affirming right-wing mania
Abolish the Corporate Income Tax? Four Reasons Why It Should Be Doubled
The racism at the heart of the Reagan presidency: How Ronald Reagan used coded racial appeals to galvanize white voters and gut the middle class
An Iran Hawk’s Case Against New Iran Sanctions
Abortion clinic buffer zones go before the Supreme Court
BPS schools told to prepare for cuts
Busing costs high, school district considers four-day week

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