Links 1/20/14

Links for you. Science:

Commentary: Coffee, a prerequisite for research?
Gut Parasite May Keep Locusts From Swarming
Illumina Announces the Thousand Dollar Genome
What Can the Passenger Pigeon’s Extinction Teach California? (my thoughts on passenger pigeons here)
Illumina destroy the opposition again – almost….


In the Name of Love (excellent)
Who Will Ask Gov. Christie, ‘DID YOU ORDER THE CONE RED?’ (fucking brilliant)
Health Care Reform Is About Education, Choice, and Efficiency. Isn’t It? (the second paragraph is key)
Donkey Business once more
What liberals get wrong about single payer (though Klein has been a paid speaker for the insurance company so definitely consider the source; actually, I’m not sure I believe him)
Here Comes the Anti-Government Left: Why Elizabeth Warren is more radical than Bill de Blasio—and has more national appeal, too (I’m not sure Warren is ‘left’ as much as she is anti-corruption, which is why she has broad appeal)
How Big Money Keeps Populism at Bay
Does Target sell the most irresponsible homeopathic remedy ever? (this is horrifying)
The war on the mentally ill escalates
The equation at the core of modern macro
Water Contamination In West Virginia May Have Started Weeks Ago, Residents Believe

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