Links 1/9/14

Links for you. Science:

One problem with geoengineering: Once you start, you can’t really stop
Shoes, New Years, Science Online, and All Else That’s Fit to Print (Part 2)
A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops
Were People Killing Giant Sloths in South America 30,000 Years Ago?


Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?
Cocaine Is Evil: The gruesomeness of the drug trade rivals any atrocities in history.
Trickle-down Gentrification (the other key part is a more progressive tax system that lowers high-end prices)
2014 looking to be a gay old year for Aaron Schock
Tech’s culture war just hit rock bottom: An entrepreneur’s attempt to satirize “tech haters” only succeeds in making him look dumb
A few thoughts on the latest Oregon Medicaid results
“How Do I Become a Male Porn Star?” After I wrote about the adult film industry, I got emails from men all over the globe with one common request.
Darrell Issa’s Cruelest Cut: A Seriously Cynical Attack on the Postal Service
Dear NFL Owners: It’s Not Your Coaches. It’s You.
Outstanding Photographs Of 1940-1950′s San Francisco
David Brooks Goes One Toke Over The Line

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