Links 1/4/13

Links for you. Science:

NIH still doesn’t get anywhere close to a response to the Ginther finding.
Peering Through the Flowcell Glass, Darkly
Rethinking Sleep
Genzyme’s MS drug rejected by FDA: Lemtrada side effects, clinical trials faulted; company plans appeal
Genetic Determinism and Probabilism


Cynical Fantasies
It’s time to challenge the notion that there is only one way to speak English
Let It Bleed: Libertarianism and the Workplace
Overthrow the Speculators
Unemployment benefits, the cruelest cut of all
Late Night: Media Companies Have No Money!
‘JFK Customs destroyed 11 of my instruments’ (what next, a Stradivarius?)
Are The Techno Riche Really Ruining San Francisco? Yes, Says Rebecca Solnit
‘Welcome’ to the Sharing Economy — Also Known as the Collapse of the American Dream
The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today: Want to understand the failures of the “free market” and the key to getting a decent wage? Here’s the real story
An Unlikely Star of the Holiday-Shipping Season: The U.S. Postal Service
Thinking Outside the (Big) Box (keep in mind that Davidson is usually a corporate shill)

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  1. Min says:

    I learned about the first and second sleeps many years ago when reading some of the medieval books about the quest for the Holy Grail. Not a few of the adventures of knights errant occurred after they woke up in the middle of the night.

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