Links 3/17/13

Links for you. Science:

Roller Derby Teammates Give Each Other Bacterial Hugs (also see here; pdf here)
This Giant Snail Is Giving Australia Terrible Flashbacks to the Last Giant Snail Takeover
The Sequester Is Going to Devastate U.S. Science Research for Decades
The Not-So-Mysterious Loss of Salt Marshes and Ecosystem Services
The Three-Billion-Dollar Brain


What’s the Matter With Graham Hill’s ‘Living With Less’ (must-read)
The Drug Scandal That’s Finally Hitting The Big Time
You Are Why I Hate St. Patrick’s Day
Top Republican Blows Off Food Inspection Cuts (though part of the problem also stems from sick food workers)
Higher Education Shock Doctrine
How much does an MRI cost? In D.C., anywhere from $400 to $1,861.
Facing the Facts Doesn’t Always Change Minds: A new study on inequality shows that knowledge doesn’t move the needle—with one exception
Yet More Problems With Charter Schools
Pain and fear in Alabama’s poultry industry
Does the Pope Matter?
PNHP members react to Time’s ‘Bitter Pill’
The Budget/Austerity/Catfood Moebius Strip

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