Christmas Links

Gut yontif to the Pontiff! And, of course, anyone else who’s celebrating today. Science links:

Too Much Information
Toe Fossil Provides Complete Neanderthal Genome
CDC issues warning about painful virus from mosquitoes
Every day at a natural history museum…
Charitable grants found lacking: Foundations increasingly fund biomedical research, but are reluctant to pay overhead costs.


The Undeserving
Is the Safety Net Just Masking Tape?
Your boss wants to be Nate Silver: Employers are developing powerful new statistical tools to judge the value of workers. Here’s why you should worry
New Kidz In The Club
Michael Hudson: Trade Advantage Replaced by Rent Extraction
Drug Maker’s Donations to Co-Pay Charity Face Scrutiny
‘Duck Dynasty’ creator Scott Gurney starred in indie ‘gay porn’ film
Uber and the Macro Wars
Where No Google Buses Go
‘Duck Dynasty’ and Quackery
Spite house
Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Mistake
The Economics of Being Kinder and Gentler in Health Care
Good Poor, Bad Poor

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