Links 12/15/13

Links for you. Science:

I Am Code and So Can You
An Alternative to Schekman’s Boycott of Luxury Journals
The Selfish Gene is losing friends: Is the ‘inclusive fitness’ model that underpins evolutionary science flawed?
What Squirrels Can Teach Us About Re-Wilding America’s Urban Parks
23andMe is providing data that physicians don’t know how to manage (must-read)
The Tiny Swimming Pigs of Pig Beach
How To Get Rid Of Polio For Good? There’s A $5 Billion Plan


There Is Neither Coast Nor Interior, Nor Border, Nor Breed, Nor Birth (excellent)
Needed: A Different Concept of Infrastructure (very good)
MMT: Often imitated, never duplicated*
The kids are actually ok
Rethinking the Idea of a Basic Income for All
How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work
The War Over Austerity Is Over. Republicans Won.
US rental housing increasingly unaffordable, says study
Snowden IHOW
No Old Maps Actually Say ‘Here Be Dragons’
Immediate Gratification And Education Policy
Noam Chomsky: U.S. used to have people killed for practicing what Pope Francis preaches
NBC fails to disclose Olympic commentator Weir works for Russian govt.
What More “Skin in the Game” Leads To

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  1. DG says:


    “’It turns out this method has no power to predict or explain the behaviour of any evolutionary system, such as the division of labour in an ant colony or beehive,’ explains Nowak”

    Neither does the 2010 or 2013 paper that Nowak and colleagues published. Maybe instead of citing Dawkins in all of these articles/blogs they should cite Grafen or West, who actually model inclusive fitness and have something to say about this. These are weak posts on inclusive fitness.

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