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I Know There’s a Prudential Tower Back There Somewhere

Observed on Marlborough Street:

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Translating Basic Research Tools Into Diagnostics

Because we like to snark around here, let’s snark first: Some of the same people who react with horror when parents, who know they’re being irresponsible, still demand an antibiotic to treat a childhood ear infection are the same people … Continue reading

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Links 11/27/13

Links for you. Science: Vaccine deniers: inside the dumb, dangerous new fad An Unstoppable Anaconda Invasion in Florida? What Slate Got Wrong. Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath Should you do another … Continue reading

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23andMe Needs Better Fan Boys

Because they’re just not getting it (boldface mine): We, the healthcare consumers of America, demand that we maintain access to genomics testing services like 23andMe’s, which serve as a 100% privately purchased complement to government-regulated healthcare. The FDA grossly overstates … Continue reading

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Whither the Bicyclist Hatred? (The Culture War on Wheels)

For the record, I own neither a car nor a bicycle, so I’m a pedestrian bystander in all of this. But I really don’t understand this (boldface mine; there’s video at link): Last night, a cyclist nearly hit a van … Continue reading

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Links 11/26/13

Links for you. Science: Patenting Their Discoveries Does Not Pay Off for Most Universities, a Study Says Spiny-Rayed Fish: World’s Weirdest: Seagulls Help Sunfish Long-Term Unemployment Is Associated with Short Telomeres in 31-Year-Old Men: An Observational Study in the Northern … Continue reading

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Apparently, Shared Sacrifice Means Sixteen Cents on the Dollar

I have no idea what these retirees are supposed to do (boldface mine): Allen and his colleagues are among 30,000 Detroit city workers, past and present, who are about to learn what will happen to their pensions and healthcare if … Continue reading

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