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23andMe Needs Better Fan Boys

Because they’re just not getting it (boldface mine): We, the healthcare consumers of America, demand that we maintain access to genomics testing services like 23andMe’s, which serve as a 100% privately purchased complement to government-regulated healthcare. The FDA grossly overstates … Continue reading

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Whither the Bicyclist Hatred? (The Culture War on Wheels)

For the record, I own neither a car nor a bicycle, so I’m a pedestrian bystander in all of this. But I really don’t understand this (boldface mine; there’s video at link): Last night, a cyclist nearly hit a van … Continue reading

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Links 11/26/13

Links for you. Science: Patenting Their Discoveries Does Not Pay Off for Most Universities, a Study Says Spiny-Rayed Fish: World’s Weirdest: Seagulls Help Sunfish Long-Term Unemployment Is Associated with Short Telomeres in 31-Year-Old Men: An Observational Study in the Northern … Continue reading

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Apparently, Shared Sacrifice Means Sixteen Cents on the Dollar

I have no idea what these retirees are supposed to do (boldface mine): Allen and his colleagues are among 30,000 Detroit city workers, past and present, who are about to learn what will happen to their pensions and healthcare if … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the FDA Action Against

So the sciency internets are all abuzz about yesterday’s warning letter issued by the FDA to the genetic testing company 23andMe. To me, it’s pretty clear-cut, and, in fact, I thought something like this would happen, so it doesn’t come … Continue reading

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Links 11/25/13

Links for you. Science: Football has created a public health crisis Study: American Intestinal Bacteria Most Obese In World (funny) Lotka-Volterra dynamics kills the Red Queen: population size fluctuations and associated stochasticity dramatically change host-parasite coevolution Planned change in bacterial … Continue reading

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Annals of Bipartisanship

Bill Scher reminds us that the good ol’ bipartisan days weren’t full of hugs and kisses as this excerpt from Those Angry Days describes: Tut tut.

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The ACA Foul-Up: The Difference Between “We Can Do That” Versus “We Could Do That”

I’ve stayed away from commenting on the actual details of how got so screwed up, largely because details–as opposed to guesses–have been scarce. But a recent NY Times article on the subject is very revealing (boldface mine): The prime … Continue reading

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Links 11/24/13

Links for you. Science: Against storytelling of scientific results The Quest to End the Flu: The methods used to make flu vaccines are slow and sometimes unreliable, and new viruses threaten to outrun them. Can researchers find a way to … Continue reading

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Whitey Bulger Was More Of an Existential Threat Than Most Terrorists Are

Seriously. That’s not to say terrorists aren’t murdering bastards. But Judge Bruce Selya, Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeal for the First Circuit–which includes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God save it!)–began a recent opinion with the following … Continue reading

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