Links 11/26/13

Links for you. Science:

Patenting Their Discoveries Does Not Pay Off for Most Universities, a Study Says
Spiny-Rayed Fish: World’s Weirdest: Seagulls Help Sunfish
Long-Term Unemployment Is Associated with Short Telomeres in 31-Year-Old Men: An Observational Study in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966
Hey, Beastie Boys … you need to let this go. FOR SCIENCE.
Major Fraud Plea Has University Scientists Regretting Journal Article (as I noted in the context of sexual harassment, we could just fire these ethically-challenged assholes; it’s not like there’s a shortage of replacement)


The Match that Started a Blaze: Tutors at a no-excuses charter school learn some hard lessons
The Death of Len Bias, My Generation’s One-Person Shock Doctrine
Kennedy Week: The Myth of Camelot and the Dangers of Sycophantic Consensus Journalism
Texas Board Of Ed Votes To Drop Algebra II Mandate
NYC Art Teacher: How Reform Destroyed My School and My Career
20 Hilarious Pet Shaming Signs
Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company
Just Two Weeks After New Jersey and SeaTac Minimum Wage Elections, Big Milestone Reached in Massachusetts
How Bikes and Bike-Share Threaten a Way of Life: Why is so much anger directed towards cyclists? They’re the vanguard of a great—and frightening—inversion.
Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage
Kids Pay The Price In Fight Over Fixing Philadelphia Schools
Angry principal tweets: ‘Strap up, there will be head injuries’
What Are Radicals Good For? An Interview with George Scialabba

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4 Responses to Links 11/26/13

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Why is so much anger directed towards cyclists?

    Where I live, cyclists routinely act as if traffic safety laws do not apply to them. It is a rarity to see a cyclist stop at a stop sign, for example.

  2. jw says:

    dude, i must strongly disagree with you and the post re. goldieblox and the beastie boyz. goldieblox are totally lame (and pink?!). beasties are totally NOT LAME for not wanting their songs to be used in ads, even ‘good’ ones.
    and BB, what does it hurt you or anyone if we slow instead of stop at a stop sign? stop signs and most traffic other controls and laws were designed for people sitting in cars with a lot of momentum/inertia and decreased perceptions of the world (sounds/blindspots etc.). and were not at all not designed for bike riders; therefore by design they don’t apply to us in the most fundamental way. i have now bike commuted daily for 25 years, accident free, and i still dont’ understand why should someone in a car get mad if i slow instead of stop at a stop sign. if i stop, inevitably the driver will irritably wave me through (which, incidentally, i often don’t see through the windshield glare) and this slows everybody down. if the damn driver would just go, i could time my crossing just fine. my conclusion is that drivders are just jealous.

  3. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    They’re not jealous, they think you’re a prick. And they’re right.

    • jw says:

      BB, please explain why i am a prick. i am not inconveniencing or endangering anyone, just going about my business.

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