Guns Make You Stupid: The Last Dead Mouse Edition

Don’t let anyone fool you with the term “random shooting.” If you put enough guns into enough people’s hands, what is a very, very rare event becomes a statistical certainty. Fortunately, as was the case with the person who threatened two sanitation workers, no one was hurt:

On arrival officers spoke to a male victim who stated he was in the backyard of 93 Waldeck Street doing work when the male, known to him, approached him yelling and complaining about mice in his apartment. The victim further stated he asked the suspect to calm down and he would call an exterminator. At which point the suspect yelled “I’ll get you” as he pulled out a firearm before fleeing on foot, into an unknown apartment.

Officers spoke to a witness on scene who stated he heard the suspect and the victim arguing and saw the suspect pull out a gun and point it at the victim.

First, this is nuts, but if someone had been killed, that doesn’t really matter, does it? Guns make people do stupid things they otherwise would not do. Second, the alleged perpetrator’s last name is Boston (I add this utterly irrelevant but ridiculous bit of information only because gun violence is so damn depressing).

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