What’s More Disturbing…

…a sitting U.S. senator who thinks global warming is due to “sunspots” or whose staffers think the correct answer to ‘does he believe in evolution?’ is ‘no’? I say, why choose? Here’s what happened when a constituent tried to find out (boldface mine):

As of last month, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s (R) staff was unsure whether or not their boss believes in human evolution. But one spokesman thought the answer was no.

Johnson and his staff have been holding “mobile office hours” in his home state. In video posted online from one such event in October, a constituent asks Johnson’s regional director, Camille Solberg, if the senator believes in human evolution. “I don’t believe so,” she answers.

“Human evolution is one of those things where science is pretty solidly behind it,” responds the constituent, a middle-aged man in a black University of Wisconsin hat. “Now, when somebody disputes that, it’s difficult — I mean, it’s hard to see the senator coming around on climate change if he can’t get over the hurdle of human evolution.”

After additional comments from the constituent, Solberg walks back her initial response. “I have not heard him say — you know, give a statement, or even talk to us about human evolution, to tell you the truth. I’m assuming he’s not, so I’m going to retract that and find out more about it, because I really don’t have a stance on his personal belief on that.”

Turns out the senator does believe in evolution (and is ‘moderating’ his stance on global warming). But what does it say when his staffers–the people who run the office–’think’ the correct answer is opposition to evolution? Admittedly, in the right wing bubble, that probably is the politically adept response, so maybe this is just crass cynicism and not theocratic wackaloonery. Either way, this does not bode well.

And the congregation responds: This is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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