Links 10/27/13

Links for you. Science:

How many hours have been wasted parsing unstructured text in biological databases?
All One Species?
Report: Feeding antibiotics to livestock is bad for humans, but Congress won’t stop it
End harassment: Sexual harassment is a stain on science — and we must all take a stand against it.
Does Ice Use Improve Baseball Pitching Performance?


How Smart Are American Kids? (PISA is problematic for a lot of reasons)
Dear NBC News: It’s Time For A Talk About Mrs. Greenspan
Block a Grand Bargain with Bold Progressive Solutions to Social Security and Medicare
Get Ready For Some Totally Confused Social Security Discussions
Washington is still stuck in the wrong conversation
Fox News Reportedly Used Fake Commenter Accounts To Rebut Critical Blog Posts
People Fucked Up
Testing to Destruction
The Pseudo-Profundity of Malcolm Gladwell
Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Exit Is a Fantasy of Seceding from the U.S.
NYT Tech Columnist David Pogue Marries PR Flack Girlfriend
Market Myths and the Real Drivers of American Progress
This Asshole Misses the Shutdown
The Right’s Crisis Of Infinite Ragegasms

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