Links 10/23/13

Links for you. Science:

Hominin skull discovery fuels debate about early human evolution
Why Scientists Are Trying Viruses To Beat Back Bacteria
Lionfish infestation in Atlantic Ocean a growing epidemic
Bubble-icious Biotech
NIH Scrambles to Catch Up After U.S. Shutdown


What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape (excellent)
Obama Blames Shutdown on Lobbyists, Bloggers, “Talking Heads” and “Professional Activists”
Put It On The Table (“One absurdity of the Obama era is that both sides have professed to care about stuff according to the framework set up by the Washington Post editorial board.”)
Expanding Public Health Insurance Is Really Quick and Easy (but why use a round wheel when you can reinvent a square one?)
Siting Factories
Evolution of a PR crisis and other observations
Cato’s Bad Lessons from the Battlefield
Barack Obama vs zombies
Mind Eraser
Why can’t Fox News be like Robert Costa?
Tea Partiers Exploited the National Park Service as a Prop While Attempting to Abolish It
The Shame of Our Nation
Brown Divest Coal: An Honest Vote on Divestment
The Exception: How Denmark Saved Its Jews from the Nazis

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