Links 9/27/13

Links for you. Science:

The time to get flu shots is now
For Safer Food, Just Add Viruses
Scientists Show That Naps Really Are the Best
These Are Some of the Most Otherworldly Creatures You’ll Find on Earth
In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comeback


Even when you do everything right, life happens (must-read)
Bushwick Native New Yorker Unpacks Her “Deep Hot Anger” Over Gentrification
Ask A Native New Yorker: How Guilty Should I Feel About Being A Horrible Gentrifier?
‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Join With Al-Qaeda Faction
How Much Money Would It Take to Eliminate U.S. Poverty?
6 Castles That Cost Less Than An Apartment In NYC
When America’s Cup yachts were built and rebuilt on Dorchester Bay
Are Tenured Professors Really Worse Teachers? A Lit Review
Censored by Google: The search giant is becoming the Web’s unofficial policeman
How Legislators View Their Constituents
A Brad DeLong Smackdown of Sorts
The Austerity Flop
‘Artemis of the wildland’ and the food stamp haters: Portland, Oregon has been plagued by a vigilante threatening to ‘out’ food stamp recipients. Because hunger needs stigmatising
On a Thousand Year Timescale the Human Race Really Is Just One Big Unhappy Family–DeLong discovers coalescent theory;)

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  1. Cathy W says:

    What a coincidence. The “How Much Money Would It Take”… article cites a number of 46.6 million Americans in poverty. I’ve heard there are “about 47 million people” on SNAP right now. That couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it…. could it?

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