Why CNN Is Useless (Especially the Airport Edition)

This morning, while flying back to Boston, there was an announcement that there was a ground stoppage due to an emergency situation (why an active shooting at the Navy Yard in Southeast DC should shut down an airport in Arlington, Virginia escapes me, but one can never shit one’s pants too much I suppose; why not shut down Dulles? Or Richmond? Can never be too safe…).

But I digress. Did the CNN news that we’re forced to watch break from commercial and tell us what the emergency is? Of course not.

Fucking useless.

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1 Response to Why CNN Is Useless (Especially the Airport Edition)

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    From the Navy Yard, the airport is 2 miles as the seagull flies. As the investigation might have needed more helicopters in the air to support a possible manhunt, the Feds in DC likely closed the air space to allow choppers to launch from Anacostia, which is actually less than a mile from the airport across the river.

    That said, the fact that CNN doesn’t override the commercial transmission rules in situations like this for their airport news network, unlike their main one, is still a bit odd…and stupid. Given that they *invented* the idea of commercial-free coverage in exchange for getting users hooked to the channel and then they watch even when there isn’t a disaster/tragedy some 30 years ago, why forget those rules of broadcasting now?


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