Marching For a Higher Minimum Wage

With the recent reflections on the fiftieth anniversarry of the March for Jobs and Freedom, which featured Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it was refreshing to see that people were finally recognizing the economic aspects of the march. With that, it’s worth remembering this Labor Day that one of the calls at the march was for a higher minimum wage:

Speaking of dreams, and to those who say that $15 an hour is too much to ask for: One of the demands of the 1963 March on Washington was a $2 minimum wage. In today’s dollars, that’s as much as $15.27 (or as “little” as $13.39). These workers are paying rent, supporting families, trying to get by and make lives for themselves, and in this system now and on the wages it allows hugely profitable corporations to pay, it is simply impossible.

It’s worth noting the reality of minimum wage–it’s not high school kids working part time.

Maybe we’ll come to realize that justice is worth a more expensive Big Mac?

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