Links 8/26/13

Links for you. Science:

More Tickborne Diseases Other Than Lyme. Maybe Just Don’t Go Outside.
How horseshoe crabs may have saved your life
Dolphins: Largely Unexceptional
California beats Mass. in biotech R&D job growth
Vaccine-fearing Texas megachurch urges flock to immunize after measles outbreak (I’m surprised this is a megachurch–with idiocy like this, usually the casualties balance out the converts)
Affirmation in science is a rare beast


The Paranoia State Gets Cranked Up Another Notch (excellent)
The Economy Drives Politics
Stop Defending the NCAA
Kentuckians Hate Obamacare But Love It By Another Name
The Sucky and Awesome of Academia
Content economics, part 1: advertising
Content economics, part 2: payments
NYPD assaults judge trying to protect handcuffed homeless man from beating, judge sues (by assault, we mean a crushed larynx)
How the Tesla Model S scored the highest-ever government safety rating
The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography
Goldman Sachs Makes Bad Trades, Wants Money Back
Water Is Something About Which We Should Not Be Dumb

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