Links 8/19/13 (v2)

Links for you. Science:

Finally, Evidence of Just How Much Scientists Love Using Adverbs
National Academy Of Sciences ‘Misled The World’ When Adopting Radiation Exposure Guidelines
When Our Microbes Chat, Dangerous Germs Are Eavesdropping
Experts Urge Mass Dog Vaccination to Eradicate Rabies
Antibiotic resistance-another view from the trenches


How I Became Sick
We Have A Problem, And the Solution Is That Everything Is Just Fine
The choice to be child-free is admirable, not selfish
Why Are Walmart Stores Underperforming? Blame Their Terrible Wages
Tipping point
I hate Strong Female Characters (excellent)
Does the U.S. Education Department Have a Dirty Data Problem?
A Disturbance in the Force?
Colombia: the Aftermath of Counterinsurgency
Daily Beast doubles down on Big Mac minimum wage nonsense
Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard
Inside ALEC
Concerning those international scores, Motoko Rich gets it right!
Sandy victims: Not ‘stronger than the storm’ (New Jersey Strong?)

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  1. Cathy W says:

    Re. the Walmart story: they missed one vital (but documented elsewhere) downward spiral caused by lousy business practices, I think. At a given store, when sales drop, employee hours get cut. Walmart’s customer service isn’t the greatest at the best of times – but now you go in, get lousy service, *and* the item you wanted is in the back room instead of on the shelf because the employee hasn’t had time to restock that item this week, so you go buy it at Target, where it’s available at almost the same price and the employees are better at pretending they like their job. Sales drop, employee hours get cut further… and more customers go shopping at Target, while the back room at Walmart piles up with unshelved merchandise.
    But the wages thing can’t be helping – when the employee discount is the only thing that lets you shop anywhere at all, and the prices go up 2%, suddenly you can buy 2% less…

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