Links 8/15/13

Links for you. Science:

Everything you know is wrong: Oranges aren’t orange.
Technology Is Science, Too (there seem to be some humanities profs who are pissed that science faculty are riding high for now)
Bumblebees of the Eastern United States
Some Elsevier journals are paying referees
What Can Old Menus From Hawaii Tell Us About Changing Ocean Health?


Anybody But Cory Booker (must-read; didn’t know about his ties to the Christian right)
Truth And Consequences
A weeping willow with plenty to weep about
Stop Thinking That Tech Hacks Are the Solution to Our Surveillance Woes
Kalecki said other things, too
Is the U.S. doing teacher reform all wrong? (good and “teacher reform” is explicit)
Cory Booker Took ‘Confidential’ Payouts From Firm While In Office
More fraud evidence tilts the crisis narrative: A rigorous new study shows mortgage bond sellers provided demonstrably false information
8 Signs the Rich Have WAY Too Much Money
Sex in a Teenager’s Room?
The Smart Boys: Larry Summers and Jeff Bezos
A Village full of activists
Why Russia Turned Against The Gays (because this is what Tzars do)

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