Links 7/28/13

Links for you. Science:

The Cause(s) of Honey Bee Death
What Causes “Old Person Smell”?
Natural selection is randomly inevitable
Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms
Leopard sharks flourishing in south San Francisco Bay as wetlands are restored (good news!)
Too Good to Be True: Statistics may say that women wear red when they’re fertile … but you can’t always trust statistics


Chicago CEO Club, With Rahm and Pritzkers on Board, Pushed for Chicago Bond Downgrade, Whacking Local Investors and Pension-Holders (this is incredible–in a bad way: Mayor Emanuel is screwing local investors and his city’s future ability to borrow to squeeze concessions out of municipal employees)
When Bad Things Happen to Good NAEP Data
McKinsey: US Infrastructure UnderInvestment vs Other Developed Nations
Why Cities Are Safer Than Rural Areas: 5 Surprising Facts
A Pox on Optimists!
Are the Suburbs Where the American Dream Goes to Die? (stupid title; interesting post)
The Gun Violence Epidemic
The Battle of Fed Succession, 1994 Edition
ACLU Demands Loyalty of Its Employees
United Nations Urged To Take Action Following Chicago School Closures
The 3 Most Absurdly Outdated Internet Laws
I’m Three Hops from a Terrorist, and Therefore Probably in the NSA’s Dragnet. And You?

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