Republican House Committee Approves the Mental Retardation Promotion Act

Well, it’s not actually called “The Mental Retardation Promotion Act.” But it should be (boldface mine):

Back in March, the House passed a budget written by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) that cuts overall domestic spending even further than sequestration. But the consequences of that budget are only now becoming clear, as the House writes specific spending bills for next year. Just one of the critical programs that would fall victim to this budget is lead poisoning prevention. The House Appropriations Committee recently approved legislation to cut lead removal programs by more than half, leaving children in homes that are poisoning them every day. Decades of progress in protecting children from lead poisoning will come to an end if House Republican budget cuts become law.

We’ve discussed before just how fucking stupid this is as a policy, but Ed Kilgore provides the budgetary context:

Interestingly, one conservative who did pay attention to Kevin’s article and address the general subject [of lead pollution], Jim Manzi (at National Review), mainly objected to the claim that the evidence of crime/lead linkage was sufficiently strong to justify the $400 billion investment ($20 billion per year over 20 years) Kevin recommends.

Okay, fine. Is six-tenths of one percent of that amount perhaps prudent? That’s the level of funding ($120 million) the federal government was providing before the sequester hit. House Republicans would take it down to $50 million.

It’s the cheapness and pettiness that stands out. Not helping kids, despite protestations of ‘pro-life’ is unfortunately par for the course.

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  1. Catana says:

    I guess we can tolerate mentally damaged kids as long as they don’t commit crimes. “Mental Retardation Promotion” fits to a T.

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