Links 7/20/13

Links for you. Science:

A PSA to journalists writing about vaccines: Thimerosal was never used in the MMR vaccine
Reuters Exposed: Publication Openly Hostile To Climate Coverage, Top Editor Doubts Climate Science
When in doubt, just question the motives of evolutionary psychology critics
A Plea For an End to Crappy Social Science Research
D.N.A. Backs Lore on Pre-Columbian Dogs
Monsanto. Broccoli. I Love This. Really!


The OCD-Lightful Office (fascinating. And very tidy)
Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.
Dear ABC: Putting Jenny McCarthy on “The View” will kill children. Anti-vaccine conspiracist and “View” co-host Jenny McCarthy isn’t just quirky — she spreads lies that hurt people
A Low-Tech Mosquito Deterrent
Exclusive: How Ukraine Wooed Conservative Websites. Passion or payola? A source describes being offered $500 for an article, and a consultant doesn’t deny payments.
Washington Post Columnist: ‘I Am A Racist’
Letter to Janet Napolitano
The Invisible Hand’s Trigger Finger
Fear and Consequences: George Zimmerman and the Protection of White Womanhood
On Wall Street, a Culture of Greed Won’t Let Go (I thought it would be higher)
Why Did an All-Female Jury Let George Zimmerman Go Free?
Ed Snowden Explains To Former Senator, Who Emailed In Support, That No Foreign Gov’t Can Access His Documents

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