Links 7/15/13

Links for you. Science:

More on MRSA on Farms and in Farm Workers, and the Arguments for and Against
This Snake Has a Tail That Looks Like a Spider
Is university research into potential new drugs unreliable? Are we wasting NIH $$$?
Searching Skulls for Dinosaur Diet Clues
Fracking’s Latest Scandal? Earthquake Swarms
An illusion of neutrality and synonymous sites


Whither the humanities? Hither. Hither the humanities. And thither. And yon. (as always, Lance is a joy to read)
Ireland Is Now Officially Better Than Texas
Legal bribery: Tim Geithner earns $400,000 for 3 speeches on Thank-You Street
The 21st Century Glass Steagall Act
Pontiac school district admins. steal from teachers to pay bills, health insurance cancelled
Why mobile payments will never take off (the one group that is very fond of mible payments is the visually impared)
A Billion Angry Brains: An Investigation of Online Hostility
The GOP’s pro-life hypocrisy: If pro-life Republicans want to save lives, they could start with women and children in the reddest states.
A handwashing nudge
When the Texas anti-abortion bill author wasn’t worried about kids who were ‘not born yet’
FIGHTING BACK Against NSA Surveillance – Small Independent ISP in Utah Does What Other ISPs Won’t
The rise of the evolutionary psychology douchebag
Former Vogue editor: The truth about size zero
Wall Street values in This Town

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3 Responses to Links 7/15/13

  1. Min says:

    About the online hostility series:

    The internet is not a series of tubes, it’s a double barreled shotgun!??? Give me a break! The introduction was so absurd that it scared me away from reading further.

    This year marks my 30th year online. Yes, online hostility can be pretty bad. But the online environment is more civilized than it used to be. People realize the value of having moderators. There is less rough and tumble than there used to be. Today’s users seem more naive about privacy and reputation. As an old-timer, I have always used handles, and only post under my real name in a few places. (Not that I think that handles are all that secure. ;))

    The recent flurry of nasty tweets about Wimbledon champion Marion Bertolli illustrates both the mean spiritedness of some people, and the power of community norms. Several of the obnoxious tweeters were shamed into retracting their comments or deleting their accounts. Some were not, of course.

    Yes, being online gives a bullhorn to obnoxious people. But it gives everybody a bullhorn to put down obnoxious behavior. If social indignation is not enough, sometimes banning is necessary, a lesson that has been learned over the years. There is no reason for the internet to be any more belligerent than anywhere else.

  2. alwayscurious says:

    Hmmm, are we wasting NIH money & could it benefit from a cut…let’s see, how has that logic panned out in other sectors? BADLY. Less money means more shortcuts, lower standards, aiming for easier projects and the collection/analysis of fewer lines of data before publishing. Without axing whole lines of study altogether, less money overall = less productive research for most everybody.

    And even axing whole lines of investigation will be bad: research has this habit of providing breakthroughs from unexpected locations. Fewer unexpected locations = fewer unexpected breakthroughs.

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