Links 6/3/13

Links for you. Science:

Getting better without antibiotics
Becoming the Mentor I Want to Be VS the Mentor I Need to Be
Everyone Please Just Shut Up About GMOs (the tone is obnoxious, but valid points)
Why a Saudi Virus Is Spreading Alarm
Fixing Science, Not Just Psychology


Obituary: Bob Fletcher saved farms of interned Japanese Americans during WWII (must-read)
The Unexotic Underclass (very interesting)
How liberals saved California: It wasn’t Jerry Brown’s austerity that led the fiscal comeback. It was the state’s smart, bold progressive movement
When Black Kids Want to Learn and the World Tells Them ‘No’
Local school growing world’s largest Chia Head
It Wasn’t Michele Bachmann’s Ideas, It Was Her Money Power
Are U.S. Doctors Paid Too Much?
The Horrific Costs of the US-Colombia Trade Agreement
Why Big Data Is Not Truth
The last three on the island
The tax break state
CNET Founder Halsey Minor Bankrupt 5 Years After Firm’s $1.8 Billion Sale (fiscal responsibility is for the little people)

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3 Responses to Links 6/3/13

  1. Gingerbaker says:


    “Everyone Please Just Shut Up About GMOs (the tone is obnoxious, but valid points)”

    The author of that article is not an independent source – she is paid by Monsanto. It’s the points she *didn’t* raise which worries me.

  2. Jim Sweeney says:

    A Simple Way to Reduce Suicides:

    We need to make it harder to buy pills in bottles of 50 or 100 that can be easily dumped out and swallowed. We should not be selling big bottles of Tylenol and other drugs that are typically implicated in overdoses, like prescription painkillers and Valium-type drugs, called benzodiazepines. Pills should be packaged in blister packs of 16 or 25. Anyone who wanted 50 would have to buy numerous blister packages and sit down and push out the pills one by one. Turns out you really, really have to want to commit suicide to push out 50 pills. And most people are not that committed.

    Via Steve M.

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