Links 5/31/13

Links for you. Science:

Perhaps there is a chance to change something?
Farewell, Froggy: The Age of Ribbit Is Nearing an End
Missing moon dust discovered in storage after 43 years
An example of why DNA Barcoding is still impractical for putting names to unknown samples
With Money at Risk, Hospitals Push Staff to Wash Hands


The dangerous aristocrats of finance (very good)
After crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s data, we’ve concluded that high debt does not slow growth
What We Can Learn From Rioting in Sweden (very good)
A review of the economic research on the effects of raising ordinary income tax rates
Israeli Plan to Conscript Ultra-Orthodox Advances
Ed school dean: Urban school reform is really about land development (not kids)
50 Million Americans Are Going Hungry As Congress Considers Gutting Food Stamps
Is Bitcoin’s bubble finally bursting?
What Jason Richwine Should Have Heard from his PhD Committee
Kenya’s Slum Abortions Pit God Against Death
Are MOOCs Soon to Be Obama Administration Policy?
Michele Bachmann: ‘God Wants Me To Earn 7 Figures For A Lobbying Firm’

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Kenya’s Slum Abortions Pit God Against Death

    My money is on Death. That God fellow is getting a bad reputation as a no-show.

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