Links 4/25/13

Links for you. Kinda light today. Science:

Vaccines and the Republican War on Science
How Competition Improves DNA Sequencing
Photographer Captures Dramatic Battle Between Orcas and Sperm Whales
The STEM-Shortage Myth


Here’s how they get you to turn off your cell phone during concerts in Italy
Dear Regal theaters: It’s the customers, stupid (note to employers: workers are customers)
Why Obama Fails to Get Republican Votes, Part Infinity
Some hope for repeal? Maybe? Yes, maybe … (“It’s not out of the question that the basic political survival instinct of Washington politicians is finally kicking in.”)
Obama Administration Is Right to Hold Fliers Hostage
Wolf Blitzer Decks Boston Man Who Hasn’t Been Healed By Red Sox Baseball
German tax enforcement paying dividends–even if the return in the U.S. wouldn’t be as high (I’ve seen 10-fold returns bandied about), it would still generate a ton of money. Just shows that deficit hawks don’t really care about deficits.
Bitcoin’s Deflationary Weirdness
The wisdom of the fool won’t set you free
On Expectation of Privacy
We can choose that workers not die in horrific mass accidents
Destructo Salon: Does Matthew Yglesias Enjoy Murder?

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