Links 4/23/13

Links for you:

Does the standard alpha of 0.05 already incorporate misuse of statistics?
Philip Pilkington: Defrocking Reinhart and Rogoff – Controversy Ignores Fundamental Issues in the Use and Abuse of Statistical Studies
Yet More Fun With Reinhart and Rogoff
“The Homeland is the Battlefield”
DC City Council Will Hire Law Firm to Reform Schools (lawyers overseeing education: what could possibly go wrong?)
The Day After: Midnight On Franklin Street
Apprenticeships need more respect
How Boston exposes America’s dark post-9/11 bargain: Why did this story drive the whole country nuts? Because we traded rights for “security,” and didn’t get either
Crazy Crawfish: What Gates’ Data Warehouse Will Cost Us
How a Crackpot Education Reform Theory Became National Policy
Larry Summers’ Shocking Ignorance About Health Care Economics
The Secret History of the Vietnam War
Not Off To A Good Start
29 Reasons To Love Boston

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