City to Reopen All of Back Bay at 3am (and Help Two Worthy Causes)

From the Back Bay Response Team:

Dear Residents and Businesses,

Thank you for your patience and support today. Your resilience during this challenging time is an inspiration to all Bostonians.

In order to reopen Boylston Street as respectfully and as quickly as possible, Mayor Menino has announced there will be full public access at 3:00AM, Wednesday April 24th to the entire impacted area including: Boylston St., Hereford St., Gloucester St., Fairfield St., Clarendon St., Ring Rd., and all public alleys.

The City will deploy a significant presence in the entire affected area, including police and outreach staff, to ensure that all residents and businesses are safe and supported.

The business and resident resource center at the Hynes Convention Center will be open Wednesday 8AM-5PM or you may call the Mayor’s Hotline, open 24/7, at 617-635-4500 with any questions. Given the difficult nature of the past week’s events, we also encourage you to call us on the Mayor’s Healthline at 617-534-5050 to be connected to counselors. They will be available 9AM-5PM the rest of this week. We will also be following up individually with many of you to offer our continuing support. Thank you all.


Back Bay Response Team

Also, much of the area around MIT will be closed for traffic tomorrow (April 24th) due to the memorial service for officer Sean Collier. Officer Collier was a supporter of the Jimmy Fund. His family and the Cambridge Police Department ask that contributions in his memory be made to the Jimmy Fund.

In addition, seriously wounded MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard “Dick” Donohue and his family could also use some help. A donation to the MBTA Police Association Benevolent Fund would also be a decent thing to do if you are able.

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  1. maeveak says:

    The response team letter is a joke, I hope? Counseling available only during work hours? Resource center only during work hours? You are kidding, right? Giving them the raspberry because they’ve been neglectful, right?

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