Links 4/18/13

Still blogging from a secure, undisclosed location (i.e., we haven’t been let back in yet). Science:

“It’s the STEM jobs, stupid” (absolutely must-read)
Coelacanth genome surfaces
Are genes patentable? A summary of the Supreme Court case
Empirical Methods and Progress in Macroeconomics (interesting points about analysis with very small sample sizes)
Life Before Earth


Forget Gold, the Gourmet-Cupcake Market Is Crashing
Marathon Attendees Responsible for Not Stopping Bombing (obnoxious title, but excellent post)
Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready
Then We Heard the Boom: A Boston Firefighter’s Story
Linchpin Pro-Austerity Paper Rife with Errors; Recomputed Results Show No Growth Hit from High Government Debt
Elementary misuse of spreadsheet data leaves millions unemployed
The Hell of American Day Care: An investigation into the barely regulated, unsafe business of looking after our children
Media Melts Down Over Reports Of Boston Suspect
What if all those times really were different?
Rheeism in One Quote
The Violence We Live With

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3 Responses to Links 4/18/13

  1. Min says:

    About stopping the bombing:

    Haires is preachy, condescending, and blames the victims. However, she is right that, in a time when we are concerned about terrorism, we should make citizens aware of what they can do. “S.A.F.E.: smart, aware, focused and equipped,” is not a bad place to start, and cities could offer free training to their citizens, or, even better, the Dept. of Homeland Security could do so.

    I spent a week in Hong Kong during the time of the Cultural Revolution in mainland China. There was open fighting in Canton, and bodies were floating down the river into Hong Kong. During that week, Hong Kong police defused some 40 bombs. Most were in paper sacks left on buses. The police found out about them because of alert citizens.

    I think that we overplay the dangers terrorism. But, since we do make it a high priority, we should take appropriate steps. An aware citizenry is not a paranoid citizenry.

  2. Scott M. says:

    In regards to the article about life occurring before the earth, this was neatly addressed by Prof. Myers.

  3. Noah Smith says:

    It’s not just small sample sizes, it’s endogeneity (lack of controlled experiments), time-series statistics issues, and structural change.

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