Links 3/26/13

Links for you. Science:

Do Uninteresting Papers Really Need Peer Review?
Failure to Replicate
NIH: Parental leave longer than 3 months is a “life choice,” doesn’t count as “real” maternal leave (Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.)
So noob, you put in one grant, it didn’t get funded and you feel mopey?
Genomic data are growing, but what do we really know?


Moshe ben Amram and the “Nation of Takers” (excellent)
Cuts to Higher Education Since 2008
The NRA’s List of Banned Lists
T Operators(or anyone else who knows), why turn the trolley off and on in the middle of a route?
David Brooks vs. the House Progressives
Why the Trader Joe’s Model Benefits Workers–And the Bottom-Line
Mechanisms of racial disparities
The Ghetto Is Public Policy
Judis! Play it fucking loud (the last sentence is key)
The New Yorker Rejects Itself: A Quasi-Scientific Analysis of Slush Piles
You Gotta Own That
Dropkick Murphys Singer Kicks the Crap Out of Skinhead Doing Nazi Salute on Stage During St. Patrick’s Day Concert
Economists Should Think a Little More About Politics
On Rape, Cages, and the Steubenville Verdict
Wars Are Bad

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