Links 3/20/13

Links for you. Science:

Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full
Can we please stop drawing trees on top of skyscrapers?
Some omics words we would like to see (funny)
Washington U student’s mentor talks about discredited research
Don’t worry about the leafcutter ants


Teachers Make Handy Scapegoats, But Spiraling Inequality Is Really What Ails Our Education System (excellent)
Rob Portman Continued Voting Very Anti-Gay AFTER His Son Came Out To Him
Rob Portman and the Politics of Narcissism
Yes, It Is OK to Teach Literature in English Class!
Why People on Cell Phones Are the Worst
America’s “Education Crisis”
Penis Snatching on the Rise — Africa’s Genital-Stealing Crime Wave Hits the Countryside (“If penis stealing seems beyond-the-pale weird, consider what people in Tiringoulou might think upon hearing of Americans who starve themselves near to death because their reflection in the mirror convinces them they are fat.”)
Chinese corporate hackers, the Chamber of Commerce, Fakegate
Hypocrisy (Again)
Balancing the budget is a foolish goal
A Tale of Two Londons
Congressional Progressive Caucus Shows You What a Liberal Budget Looks Like

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