Links 2/25/13

Links for you. Science:

White House opens more federally funded scientific research to the public
International Arbiter of Animal Names Faces Financial Woes
Informatics Tools Underutilized in Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Infection
NDM-1 Superbug Discovered in a Cat in the USA
The Ph.D. Bust, Pt. II: How Bad Is the Job Market For Young American-Born Scientists? (my take here)


Why MMT is like an autostereogram (excellent)
Boston on a misty February night
Republicans Declare War on College (yes, this is just the furtherance of conservative, neo-liberal policies)
How Many Ph.D.’s Actually Get to Become College Professors?
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
Fairfax County’s Nightmare Is Over!!! (nice to see bad people get what they deserve)
Is the tide turning?
What If?
At National Zoo, sequester could threaten exhibits but not animal care
Krugman is Right about Simpson-Bowles: The Buzzards Circle the Fiscal Cliff
Regulate antibiotics not recreational drugs, ethicist argues
Work is Becoming More Like Prison As Some Workers Forced to Wear Electronic Bands That Track Everything They Do (Including Bathroom Breaks)
The Wage Theft Epidemic: Thanks to a wave of government cuts, there’s no one to stop your boss from withholding your pay.
“The Myth of Persecution”: Early Christians weren’t persecuted

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