With Actual Republicans, Compromise Is Futile: Hatred Is Still the Base

Though pundits can still write columns about imaginary moderate ones, I guess. Below the fold (since it’s offensive), I have what passes for humor among some Republicans. But this isn’t any Republican–it’s the GOP chairwoman of the most populous county in Montana. Here’s what she thinks is funny:

Racist GOP chair

C’mon, it’s just a joke, amirite?

You simply can’t compromise with people like this. Regular readers will know I often disagree with Obama–I think he’s too conservative. But I don’t think he is subhuman. That ‘joke’ goes well beyond any ideological difference. It is the dark side of identity politics at its ugliest.

Nor is this the case of a few bad apples, as she is a GOP official: she is, by definition, the rank-and-file. This is not an issue of communications, branding, or framing. This is has to do with fundamental identity–it will not be rectified by minor policy changes. Until the bigot and fear caucus is ripped out of the Republican Party root, branch, and stem, they will be beholden to bigots like this GOP official. They can’t win without them.

As I said years ago, hatred is the Republican base.

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1 Response to With Actual Republicans, Compromise Is Futile: Hatred Is Still the Base

  1. Ougaseon says:

    I’ve seen this and other racist ‘jokes’ posted before. It’s surprisingly effective to pretend like you don’t get the joke and ask for an explanation. Very few people are willing to actually explain the racist stereotypes that the image relies on. They want it to pass with a wink and a nudge and if it can’t even the most conservative people on my feed delete the image or admit its racist.

    Of course they don’t actually seem to learn anything since they’ll post something similar next week…

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