Links 2/23/13

Links for you. Science:

NIH-Funded Researchers Begin Trial of Shigella Vaccine Candidates
Pheidole cephalica – major worker.
A Cardiac Conundrum
A Statement from Ubiome and Some Final Thoughts
Mislabeled fish a widespread problem


Actually, Mr. Brill, Fixing Healthcare IS Kinda Simple (excellent)
Envisioning the urban skyscraper of 2050
We’re All Women Workers Now: How the Floor of the Economy Has Dropped for Everyone
Most of What You Think You Know About Grammar Is Wrong
How to Save a Dying Language: Geoffrey Khan is racing to document Aramaic, the language of Jesus, before its native speakers vanish (and the language of the Talmud too!)
Traffic: Which Boston-area neighborhoods are to blame? Just a few areas have a huge effect on congestion, new research finds.
The Real Conservative Echo Chamber
David Brooks Explains It All
Supporting Christine Quinn Is Not as Important as Supporting NYC’s Working Women (excellent)
Slow Porn: Cindy Gallop’s Quest to Blow Up Internet Sex
Thoughts on Graduate Training
US wages and productivity 1968 – 2012 (minimum, average and The 1%)

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