Links 2/24/13

Links for you. Science:

Rethinking Grant Reviews
PLoS Genetics blew it by publishing a 23andme paper
What’s the Matter With Vermont? Anti-vaccine activists derailed a bill that could have blunted the whooping cough epidemic.
Rare octopus breeding in Alameda bedroom


The Sticks (excellent)
The problem with Alan Simpson
Why Native American Art Doesn’t Belong in the American Museum of Natural History
No One Really Reads Academic Papers
Major football stadium in Florida to be named after private prison company
Moderate Republican Mugged By Reality
Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media
Quit Blaming Your Kids
Take One For The Team, Republican Ladiez (“To put things into some perspective, I have never read a Democratic pundit or politician proposing the abolition of male suffrage, even though that, too, would benefit one party”)
The Department Of Homeland Security Stole My Boat Today
Jewish delis in a pickle
We think it might be possible we won’t have enough money in the future. Let’s make it official!

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