Links 2/17/13

Links for you. Science:

Why We Need The Math Police (excellent, although this doesn’t even rise to the level of ‘math’, but is arithmatic illiteracy)
The data are what the data are
Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real
Let’s make 2013 the year of legislative access on open access
Mouse Models of Inflammation Are Basically Worthless. Now We Know.


This is the hill House Democrats should be willing to die upon (excellent)
What do they really believe? Who knows? (must-read)
American Assassinations For Dummies
50 Years Ago: The World in 1963
Political Scientist Walter Stone Responds to Eric Cantor’s Criticism of His Research
Scabs Recruited as 40,000 New England Grocery Workers Prepare To Strike
From Portfolios to Parasites: The Unfortunate Path(ology) of U.S. Charter School Policy
Will Democrats Sell Your Political Opinions to Credit Card Companies?
The Judges and the Saints and the Textbook Committee
Michelle Rhee was always mediocre!
Redskins: The Clock Is Now Ticking on Changing the Name
You Are What You Click: On Microtargeting

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