Links 1/9/13

Links for you. Science:

The KPC Killer
Before Professor comes Postdoc: Lower career rung, just as much job stress
Why so few Asians in ecology? Not all groups have similar preferences
Mouse Behavior From Autism Studies Not Reproducible
Life Advice from Dr. Isis
Bigger Brains Come at a Cost: Guppies bred for larger brains also had smaller guts and produced fewer offspring.


Alec Guinness in 76, writing to friend about Star Wars (must-read)
Fourteen Rules of Gym Etiquette for 2013
It’s not the corporations; it’s the CEO class that runs them
T cop foils spoonpoint robbery of Dunkin’ Donuts
Premiums rising (those of us familiar with Romneycare knew affordability would be a problem)
Peer-to-Peer Hucksterism: An Open Letter to Tim Wu
Top 10 Reasons Being a University Professor is a Stressful Job
Tysons Corner, on the verge of a do-over
The Amazing, Astonishing Google Check: How I Used Google to Spell-Check Every Word in My Book.
Why I Am A Liberal
Will Japan Lead the Path Away from the Fiscal Cliff?
Wellesley considers requiring iPads for all 5th graders
Why Platinum Coin Opponents Are All Wrong

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