Dear NRCC Halfwits: A Trillion Dollars in Cash Weighs A Lot Too

So National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Greg Walden uttered this about the platinum coin option to eliminate the debt ceiling hostage-taking by Republicans:

[T]he last thing we need for Treasury to mint a new coin made out of platinum that would weigh, by the way, Neil, 44 million pounds if it was tied to the value of platinum like gold has to be tied. I mean it would sink the Titanic.

So how much would a trillion dollars in $100 bills weigh? Well:

$1 trillion = 10 billion $100 bills
1 $100 bill weighs a gram x 10 billion = 10 billion grams = 10 million kilograms equals…

22,046,226.22 pounds. And that’s if we’re using $100 bills. Bump it down to twenty dollar bills, and, well, that’s your homework assignment.

They really are this stupid.

An aside: the coin can be denominated in any amount, just like dollar bills or hard currency. When is the last time you bit into a quarter to validate its worth?

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2 Responses to Dear NRCC Halfwits: A Trillion Dollars in Cash Weighs A Lot Too

  1. dave says:

    and these damn clowns are actually in positions of power, making decisions for us, how the fuck did that happen? is this really the best and brightest that they have to offer? God help us, what the hell did we do to deserve this?

  2. albanaeon says:

    Well, we’ve identified the problem. These guys really don’t understand that money isn’t tied to anything but our nation being our nation. So we’re tied to these people that even in the time of gold coins and the like in the Middle Ages be looked at like morons.

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