Links 1/6/13

Links for you. Science:

Grrr, Said The Grylloblattid. I’m Not Leaving. Not Yet.
Is Frog Skin a Red Herring? Despite decades of work, compounds in frog skins have failed to yield new antibiotics. Why?
The Worst Pandemic in History: After years of sometimes bizarre research, why are scientists still baffled by the 1918 Spanish flu?
Roe deer numbers ‘changing woodland ecosystems’ (U.S. is experiencing the same problem)
US fiscal deal leaves science vulnerable (just spend the damn money)


The Top 12 Political Fallacies of 2012
Brad DeLong Has Me Worried
Recipe for a Photograph #1: Reflected Ant on Black
Biotech Players Lead a Boom in Cambridge
We Need More Tax Brackets
The 2012 Oral History: Shootout Near Texas A&M
Django Unchained: A Movie About Other Movies About the 19th Century (the best commentary I’ve read about this movie)
Inside The Pricing Of A $300,000-A-Year Drug
Mooning Over St. Christopher
We’re Screwed Through 2022
Sign the Petition
The Lead/Crime Connection (last paragraph is key. Answer: yes)
Does Lead Paint Produce More Crime Too?

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  1. Cathy W says:

    I’ve heard about the deer problem in the US before – the Wisconsin government department that manages hunting found results from a species census done in the ’50s, and were curious to see how things had changed. On state-managed land, they found much less biodiversity, but on land managed by Native American tribes, where more deer were hunted, the situation was much more similar to what it had been 50 years previous.

    That was enough to sell me on allowing more deer hunting – if predator populations aren’t rebounding enough to control the deer population, we need to do it ourselves.

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