Yes, Obama and Many Democrats Are Rockefeller Republicans

I write that often, but so says conservative economist Bruce Bartlett (boldface mine):

The dirty secret is that Obama simply isn’t very liberal, nor is the Democratic Party any more. Certainly, the center of the party today is far to the right of where it was before 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected with a mission to move the party toward the right. It was widely believed by Democratic insiders that the nation had moved to the right during the Reagan era and that the Democratic Party had to do so as well or risk permanent loss of the White House.

It is only the blind hatred Republicans had for Clinton that prevented them from seeing that he governed as a moderate conservative – balancing the budget, cutting the capital gains tax, promoting free trade, and abolishing welfare, among other things. And it is only because the political spectrum has shifted to the right that Republicans cannot see to what extent Obama and his party are walking in Clinton’s footsteps.

I really wish all of the pundits who wish there were moderate Republicans would realize, there are moderate Republicans–they just happen to run the Democratic Party.

This is another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Sounds true to me! I was a happy liberal Republican 40 years ago, not Democrat. Even my father, who in his first 30 years of voting, voted Democrat exactly once (when in a local election he knew the Republican was incompetent), is now a Democrat.

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