Links 12/6/11

Links for you. Science:

Unvaccinated behind largest U.S. measles outbreak in years
Scientists’ Elusive Goal: Reproducing Study Results
Our Microbiomes, Ourselves
Heads in the Sand: As climate-change science moves in one direction, Republicans in Congress are moving in another. Why?


Why School Choice Fails
The Tax-Dodging Owners Of Zuccotti Park Owe The City $139,000 In Back Taxes
Concerned Women for America’s Condescending Treatment of Our Female Troops
More on the Military Spending Fairy
You’re wrong – we are all wealth creators
Mitt Romney’s Tax Lie And The Occupy Wall Street Movement
Chelsea Clinton’s ‘responsibility’ to be at NBC
The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011
David Koch Booed at NY Christmas Ballet Performance
A Visit to the Food Pantry
Don’t blame teachers when they don’t measure up; blame the tests that measure them.
Now and then: Chinatown, Combat Zone
The winner of the GOP campaign: Washington
We don’t need no stinkin’ principles
Chuck Colson calls himself an envious, soak-the-rich socialist

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