Links 12/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Of Cancer and Crony Capitalism in Texas
Can we trust scientists who give TED talks?
Thousands Call on FDA to Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Antibiotics Squandered in Animal Feed
NIH funding: The dreaded issue of conformity rears its ugly head again
A crazy little bug


How to Save the Democratic Party (must-read)
CPI Unchained: The sneaky plan to cut Social Security and raise taxes by changing how inflation is calculated.
Listen Up, White House! Take Medicare Eligibility Age Off The Table NOW.
Goldman’s Top Economist Explains The World’s Most Important Chart, And His Big Call For The US Economy
Tea-Burning in Lexington, 15 Dec.
Bill Black: Why is the Failed Monti a “Technocrat” and the Successful Correa a “Left-Leaning Economist”?
The Budget Thugs: What Do They Know About the Economy? (“…they should be forced to answer one simple question: when did you stop being wrong about the economy?”)
Nicholas Kristof Bravely Urges Congress to Cut Supplemental Security for Children with Severe Disabilities
“Right to work” push guarantees all out war in Michigan
Obama’s fiscal cliff deal: “Dear John, let’s each kill one of our own”
The Actual Cost Of Washington’s Clever Debt Deal
The Agricultural Cliff
And just when you thought the Good Men Project couldn’t get any worse…

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