Links 12/8/12

Links for you. Science:

Developments in next generation sequencing – a visualisation
What do drug dealers and drug reps have in common?
Concerns arise in Chinese bid for genomics firm (I have no problem with a national industrial plan–these are exactly the kinds of companies we want in the U.S.)
National Security Concerns over BGI Bid for Complete Genomics
An unhealthy obsession: The energy expended by US biomedical scientists on complaining about grant-application limits would be better directed at the real problem: stagnant funding.


A mass of city statistics (I too, am less than overwhelmed)
Say This For Ben Nelson: He Voted For Harry Reid As Majority Leader
The Problem With Mike Lee
Clerical Pay at the Port of LA: An Update (initial reports are biased against union workers. Inconceivable!)
The Recession’s Toll: How Middle Class Wealth Collapsed to a 40-Year Low
Renegade Democrats keep NY state Senate in GOP hands, Cuomo complicit
Kasandra Perkins Did Not Have to Die
The FBI Is Collecting Everybody’s Emails, Former NSA Official Warns
It’s Time To Ask “Why The Hell Not?” On Infrastructure Spending
Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital
Green Grow the Grassroots

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** AND THE SCROOGE AWARD GOES TO… Corporate America! ***

    “These days, American companies have record-high profits, and American company owners are doing just fine.
    The American economy and average Americans, meanwhile, are still hurting.”

    And just what’s supposed to be the problem? From the point of view of Big Everything, this is a good start towards the way it ought to be. When we get to the place where potential workers have to bid in a ‘dutch auction’ for temporary jobs, where social conditions combine the worst features of Les Misérables and The Grapes of Wrath; then and only then will the Owners begin to be almost satisfied.

    *** Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital ***

    “Goias state in Brazil gave Usina Canada $125 million in tax breaks for a $25 million ethanol facility, for example.”

    Not bad, but they can always try for more. Not that the situation is any better here in the good old US of A.

    Wonder Why States Are Broke? One Reason is Companies Play Them Off Against Each Other

    And since I’m on a roll:

    At the moment the SuperRich control everything they don’t directly own – like the agencies which are supposed to ‘regulate’ the adventures of their captive corporations. And of course, they want more. The role of the Democrats is to pretend to care. Mind you, it IS a pretense.

    “In the looming fiscal cliff, fiscal showdown (gunfight at Fiscal Corral) discussions, the Republican “ask” is a bunch of big-ticket items — roll back social insurance; lower taxes for billionaires; lower taxes for corps (check out the “territorial taxation” proposal sometime); a pony; Santa’s sleigh; Rudolph’s head on a plate.

    And the Dem “ask” is — please don’t hurt us too much. By that I mean, don’t cut social insurance; raise taxes on billionaires just “a little”; and the ever-popular “balanced approach” in which our side has to feel pain, or swallow a “bitter pill”. They request a pony; we ask for a bitter pill.”

    Their part of the script is about pretending to negotiate. Then to quickly ‘take a dive’.

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