Cinderella’s Standards Are Slipping

Pun intended. Observed at Copley Station, Boston:


Crocs. Ugg (I’ll stop with the puns).

Seriously, small children’s ability to jetison footwear is one of those constant things about the universe that I do not understand.

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4 Responses to Cinderella’s Standards Are Slipping

  1. dr2chase says:

    If everyone went barefoot, I suspect we’d see cleaner streets. And probably a ban on walking dogs on public ways.

  2. joemac53 says:

    Fifty years ago I managed to lose a sneaker in quicksand. It would have been the death of me if my mother ever found out. You take a lot of shoe pictures. How come you never find the dead kids that result? (I know you find lots of pairs as well, but the bodies would be even closer to the scene in that case.)

  3. Markk says:

    I have friend who manages the park part of the zoo here and he showed me the mountain of small kids shoes, and socks! that they pick up. It only takes a few seconds for the tykes to kick off their shoes and socks. It is amazing! And a zoo is perfect for doing it in plain sight with noone noticing, because they are looking at the animals!

  4. bellatrixs says:

    I always loose my crocs, so I don’t think I would ever put them on a guild unless I expressly said” ok, now go loose those shoes! )

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