Links 11/25/12

Links for you. Science:

The Pilgrims Should Have Been Thankful for a Spirochete: A gruesome disease granted them uninhabited, cleared land and a sweet brook. (maybe)
Why all pharmaceutical research should be made open access
Open Letter to Senator Marco Rubio
PI working hours
Experts: If You Don’t Get A Flu Shot, You’re Stupid. And A Dick


Helicopters can improve minority college attendance & other misguided policy implications: Comments on the Brookings “Voucher” Study
What Nate Silver really accomplished
Econ grad students and the Macro Wars
The other kinds of expertise
Is this the death of the Republican party? No chance
Those Damned Pencil-Pushers At the State Capital!
Why Were Pundits All In on ‘All In’?
How the “Takers” Voted
Maybe Nate Silver Was Wrong
Commentary Editor John Podhoretz Has Awkward Postelection Epiphany
The Fix The Debt Two-Step
An Inconvenient Truth About Lincoln (That You Won’t Hear from Hollywood)
Moldy, Rancid Leftovers In The Fridge Of Derp
Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Found in Boston
With 35mm Film Dead, Will Classic Movies Ever Look the Same Again?
Obama to Deploy Campaign Apparatus to Persuade Americans to Look Forward to More and Better Catfood

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