Links 11/21/12

Links for you. Science:

A tight link between orthologs and bidirectional best hits in bacterial and archaeal genomes
The evil germy pacifier story is getting out of hand – w/ Dr. Glass misleading the charge
Ticked Off About a Growing Allergy to Meat
Science for Hire: Why Industry’s Deep Pockets May Be Depleting the Last of Our Fisheries
Sexy in STEM?


The Insecurity Election
March of Folly: Grand Bargain style (slowly, the idea that the government can’t run out of money makes its way across the left. This is a good thing)
‘Hostess Brands is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America’
To Hype or Not to Hype?
The Descent of Republicans
Mayor of Reykjavik: Homophobes aren’t scared, they’re just assholes
The Oracle speaks: Alan Greenspan talks utter nonsense (deficit reduction has never been about actually reducing deficits. Also, Greenspan is still an Objectivist asshole)
The Lost Road and the Towers of Doom
The First Week in January
Lifestyles of the rich and famous…Generals
Petraeus scandal is reported with compelled veneration of all things military
Anonymous Saved The Election? (unlike the author, I find this incredibly disturbing. The last thing we need is for campaigns to have to engage in electronic warfare and sabotage)
The Rush Limbaugh advertiser backlash is knocking down the radio networks
Thomas Friedman Says That Our Economy Is Being Killed By Employers Who Can’t Do Arithmetic
No, Conservatives, Benghazi Is Not Worse Than Watergate

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2 Responses to Links 11/21/12

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    “The Lost Road and the Towers of Doom”

    This one was spooky, and while reading it I kept recalling Andre Norton’s little post-apocalyptic novel Daybreak – 2250. Not a comfortable feeling at all.

    “The Rush Limbaugh advertiser backlash is knocking down the radio networks”

    I hope those radio networks get exactly what they deserve for all the years they’ve coddled the creep. But bad as he is, I swear that crazy woman Dana Perino is worse. I can listen to Limpy for as long as a minute, but after twenty seconds of her I’m fumbling for the radio controls.

    “The Oracle speaks: Alan Greenspan….”

    “Asshole” is really too kind a word to describe Alan Greenspan.

  2. Frank Carpenter says:

    Re: Anonymous Saved The Election
    I agree it is incredibly disturbing, but given the shenanigans in 2008 and 2004, and the lack of a judicial response to widespread electoral fraud, maybe we should be grateful for any oversight; extralegal or not. I could see myself applauding remedial actions taken to address foreclosure fraud, for instance, or debt collection fraud.
    It is a sad fact that the state has no interest in investigating crimes against the many when committed by the powerful, and we should consider ourselves lucky when someone, anyone, has the guts and the expertise to bugger up the works.

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