This Is the Weirdest Exclusion Criterion EVAH!

No lefties need apply:


No idea what left-handedness has to do with this….

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8 Responses to This Is the Weirdest Exclusion Criterion EVAH!

  1. AMW says:

    Probably involves brain imaging. Pretty much every MRI study specifies right-handedness; apparently there’s enough of a difference in activation patterns that it messes with inter-subject analyses.

  2. David says:

    Almost all right handed people are left brain dominant for language but there is a large portion of left handed people with mixed or ipsilateral dominance.

  3. Chas, PE SE says:

    Or it could be that us lefties, being in our right minds, are not elgible….
    (C’mon — you knew it was coming!)

  4. Aaron says:

    Pretty easy to figure out which bad childhood memories they are referring to as well.

  5. No one in their right minds need apply…

  6. noddin0ff says:

    @Aaron: Bad memories of being forced to use right-handed scissors?

  7. TheBrummell says:

    Obviously the memories from the re-education camps each of us lefties had to attend would interfere with the “bad childhood memories” aspect. They’re presumably interested in bad memories that happened as a result of activities and events not associated with forced labour and whippings.

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