Links 11/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Reflections on the evolution at ASHG 2012
The unexpectedly protective qualities of ear wax
Research institute in Watertown on verge of closing
“Moneyball,” the 2012 election, and science- and evidence-based medicine
Chemistry Job Market Likely to Rebound Before Biosciences


Obama’s Tears and No Voter Left Behind (excellent)
Financiers Still Aren’t Rocket Scientists (or even microbial genomicists! Excellent)
A New Manhattan Project
Ask Gini: How to Measure Inequality
What Milgram’s Shock Experiments Really Mean
Google vs. Gallup — How the 2012 Elections Revealed Weakness in Old-School Polling
Leaked deal memo for last year’s Grand Bargain: “Obama willing to go quite far”
Why the Grand Bargain Is One-Sided and Totally Unfair
Exhausted, Obama Opens Up and His Cool Cracks
Veterans Day and a caution against the cult of the military: Does it honour anyone’s sacrifice to use them to trump doubt about the justice of a war – or simply abuse them all over again?
Somehow I Think That They Are Still in Kansas, Toto…
Chris Matthews Embraces Self-Parody by Calling for Obama to Ignore Krugman
In praise of paper
Some Quick and Final Post-Election Notes to Some But Not All White Men
America: Love It Or Be Left Behind

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