Sound and Fury Signing Meh

As the kids used to say. It’s hard for me to get extremely excited about the election results. While there are some bright spots (more about those in a bit), this mostly feels like getting your car fixed: it had to be done, but at the end of it all, we’re right back where we started. The Senate will barely be Democratic. The House will be Republican. The de facto Rockefeller Republican will still hold the White House. If Senate Democrats remain true to form, they will not attempt to remove the filibuster. So we can probably piss away two more years of the Republic’s life.

Having said that, there are some bright spots. Sen. Sherrod Brown fought off massive corporate donations. Tammy Baldwin will be the first open LGBT member of the Senate; she’s also was one of the liberal members of the House. Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown–the college professor defeated the former model. And apparently, the Almighty looked upon Mourdock and Akin and saw that it was not good. Although regarding Akin (who is dreadful), it’s not like McCaskill is any damn good; she’s a mediocrity blessed with idiots for enemies.

It’s also a victory for Nate Silver’s predictions, and a loss for journalists who think inside sources are telling them something useful. I’ll enjoy watching a bunch of mathematically illiterate pundits having to eat ginormous shit sandwiches (how can I get a job where I’m paid for being consistently wrong and I never have to admit?).

Another good thing is that, at least in high-turnout years (presidential elections), it appears that the tribal politics of white evangelicalism are no longer a winning strategy: the Republicans will have to figure out how to move beyond theocrats, anti-government batshitloonitarians and recidivist segregationists. Akin and Mourdock did a lot of late damage to the Republicans.

They will have a hard time doing that because Obama has moved the Democratic Party rightward–if we weren’t riven by race and religion, he would be the ideal Republican nominee (remember, the Bush administration wanted to cramdown some mortgages; Obama asked them not to–and then never did). So it’s hard to get excited because I know we’re going to have to fight nominal Democrats, including Obama, who want to slash Medicare and Social Security even though there’s no reason to do so (fiscal responsibility. WHEEEE!!!). That shit gets old really fast.

On the other hand, watching the Fox News meltdown as their bubble burst last night was worth it. And we’ll never have to hear what any of the Clan na Romney thinks about anything, so that’s a good thing…

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  1. Paul Orwin says:

    The dems increased their margin in the senate AND the median senate vote became more liberal (I think, i’m no expert). Also, the margin percentagewise in the senate and house is basically the same (55/45 in the senate, roughly 230/195 in the House, maybe a bit better). So yes the numerical and rules issues make the senate a less progressive majority, and the net result is not any sort of wave of change at the federal level, but this election will definitely have big consequences, IMHO. Science funding will probably still suck, tho

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